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Final countdown to Culture Night Belfast: Thousands to flock to city on Friday

In just over 48 hrs, Belfast’s Biggest ever cultural celebration is about to explode into colourful life across the city centre and beyond.

Over 50,000 people are expected to flock to the heart of the city for Culture Night Belfast 2014 on Friday 19 September, as over 250 events, organisations and activities are set to attract locals and visitors of all ages for an evening of exploration and adventure…

Culture Night Belfast is in its sixth year with organisers promising that CNB14 will be the biggest, most diverse and extravagant yet.

The packed programme of tasters, tours, talks, trails, demonstrations, activities, gigs, recitals, screenings, interventions, altercations and interactions – all absolutely free -  will take place right across the city from 4pm – late on Friday night, with record numbers expecting to attend.

Last year’s event attracted an unprecedented 42,000, people aged 8-80, into Belfast’s city centre to immerse themselves in the unique Culture Night Experience.

A packed 2014 programme boasts the likes of fast rising local music star UNKNWN in St Anne’s Cathedral, Belfast Roller Derby with the Belfast Banshees and Norn Iron Maidens, live bespoke CNB broadcasting from Imprint Radio or an offer to hop on the blender bike with CNB project partners Root Soup where culture nighters will get the opportunity to blitz some of their famous, ethical and locally produced soup, as well as The Hidden Courtyard where the Belfast Circus School lead intrepid explorers into the largest hidden courtyard in Cathedral Quarter for a host of circus and music performances.

If you want to get away from the colourful chaos of the streets, regroup in one of the many welcoming venues such as the Harp Bar for Puccini and a Pint before striding back out into the glorious mayhem of Doctor Geist and Professor Stein, who are on the look out across The Cathedral Quarter for deadly man-eating plants disguised as humans! These highly trained scientists will subject anyone they deem 'suspicious' to series of rigorous tests before declaring them 'human' or 'pre-mulch'. Better watch out!

Amidst the hundreds of suprises around ever corner, and in every space and place in the city centre, there’s also the return of Hit The North, bringing stunning urban art into the heart of the Belfast, the annual CNB parade lead by the Beat Initiative and their Urban Ballet, who will conclude Culture Night proceedings with the percussive piledriver that is a reenactment of the drum-tastic classic Fleetwood Mac track “Tusk”, featuring over 500 drummers, musicians and dancers in a showstopping Grande Finale.

Culture Night Belfast may just be the only time where you’ll read the words Feminist Photobooth, Guys and Dolls Choir, Wickermanny, Historical Fencing, Pepper Live, Fitness Fashion Show Pop-Up Cabaret and Tease-o-rama in the same sentence!

All this and much more will be revealed on 19 September at Culture Night Belfast 2014…

Culture Night Belfast manager Adam Turkington said: “There’s a fantastic buzz in the CNB office this year. As the programme began to come together it became clear that more than ever that Culture Night has become a totally unique event. No other event in Northern Ireland attracts the variety of submissions and captures the imagination of the population quite like CNB, and that’s why it works. More than anything we can do in the office, it’s the way that the participants and audience embrace the event and the joyful way they do so that makes it what it is. That’s why we’re saying this year that we need you, the audience, to feed us. And if you feed us we will grow!”

Culture Night takes place on Friday 19 September from 4pm – late, across the city centre and beyond.

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See yourself on the front page! The Belfast Telegraph will be projecting your own headlines onto the side of their iconic Royal Avenue HQ between 19:00 - 22:00. Come down and play editor for the night! 


Film hub Northern Ireland in the city

Takeover Cinema, Cinemagic and QFT will be showing films you know and films you definitely don't at this open air cinema between 18:00 - 23:00

Takeover Film Festival, Cinemagic and other Film Hub NI members will be showing films you know and films you definitely don't at this open air cinema! Film Hub NI, funded by BFI, is a collective of film clubs, venues and cinemas all linked by a passion for and love of seeing film on the big screen. On Culture Night, each Hub member will programme 45 mins of their favourite films, showing films you've never seen, and favourites you'd forgotten. There will be popcorn too!

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