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Fire chief warns of chip pan danger after flats blaze forced 50 to flee

The Fire Service has told people to ditch their old chip pans after a blaze at flats saw 50 people evacuated from their homes.

The fire broke out at the Rock Mills complex on Strand Road in Londonderry on Monday night.

Three men were rescued as 22 firefighters fought the blaze. An unattended old-style chip pan was found to have caused the fire.

Station commander Kevin Lynch urged people to get rid of their chip pans.

He said: “If they insist on using them, they should at least use a thermostatically-controlled one.”

A warning was also issued for people to check their smoke alarms after a woman was rescued unconscious from a burning house in Derry.

The woman was found in the house in the Ardfoyle area of the Brandywell at 5.15pm yesterday.

Six Fire and Rescue officers wearing breathing apparatus entered the building and found a fire in the living room.

Station commander Jonathan Tate said officers found the woman in a bedroom.

Mr Tate said there was a smoke alarm fitted in the property, but there was no battery in it and tests revealed it was also defective.

“I would urge everybody to maintain their smoke alarms and test them weekly,” he said.

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