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Firework injuries rise on Halloween

The number of people admitted to hospital for fireworks injuries in Northern Ireland increased to 47 this Halloween.

Bangers were responsible for most cases and almost two-thirds of those hurt were under 18, data from the Department of Health said.

The most common injuries were to the wrist or hand.

Ita McErlean, home safety manager at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (Rospa), said: "There are issues around the supervision of children and their parents knowing where their young people are.

"There is more work that parents can do to raise awareness, they need to work with their children."

The 2010 information return covered the four-week period from October 17 to November 14.

The number of people reporting to A&E was 17 more than in 2009, but 22 fewer than in 2006 and 50 fewer than in 2007. The vast majority of those hurt were men. Seven children aged 10 or under were injured.

The largest increase was in Belfast, where the number more than doubled. Incidents happened in streets, other public places and at private parties. Sparklers were also responsible for some of the accidents.

Ms McErlean said many of the injuries happened during the Halloween school holidays.

"The responsible bodies, like the police and councils, are making every possible effort. I see the work that they are doing, but I think a bit more work needs to be done with young people," she said.


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