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Firm signs £50m wind turbines deal

A Belfast company has signed a £50 million deal with a global wind turbine manufacturer as it bids to install 200 turbines across Northern Ireland in five years.

Simple Power has signed an exclusive agreement with Vergnet SA to use its turbines in the region.

The local firm will operate and manage single turbines on a range of sites, including farm land rented out by owners, with electricity produced going into the main grid.

Its first two 250kw turbines will start producing energy this summer, with an ambitious goal of getting 200 turning by 2016.

Simple Power chief executive Paul Carson said the deal came at a pivotal point in the development of wind energy in Northern Ireland.

Mr Carson hailed his new partners. "The company is a global leader in the medium wind sector with expertise spanning 20 years," he said.

"We look forward to leveraging our combined strengths to fuel the growth of the single wind turbine sector in the province."

He added: "The company's highly advanced technological and engineering expertise is crucial to the rapid roll-out of our single wind turbine strategy this year and over the next five years."

Marc Vergnet, chief executive of Vergnet SA said: "With Simple Power, Vergnet has found an innovative and very professional partner in a rapidly growing renewable energy region.

"The calibre of the Simple Power team, which is clearly highly committed to developing the single wind energy market in Northern Ireland, was particularly important."


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