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First cyber-security summit held

The first cyber-security summit to protect against internet terrorism is being held in Belfast.

Queen's University Belfast hosts the gathering of world experts who will discuss threats likely to emerge over the next decade.

The meeting comes just weeks after it was disclosed cyber crime was costing the UK economy £27 billion a year.

Professor John McCanny, principal investigator at Queen's Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), is organising the event.

"This summit is the first of its kind and will really mark out the future of cyber technology around the world. The risks associated with the internet extend from individuals to nations," he said.

"Internet security is a major issue at a national and international level and there are a number of programmes and initiatives around the world where both governments and industry are looking to solve some of the problems we face in this area."

Guests from the Home Office, US Department of Commerce, US Cyber Consequences Unit, American universities and defence companies will be attending.

The professor said the internet may become core to the very fabric of society.

"It will be part of our critical infrastructure, providing essential services and becoming an even bigger part of our lives, being used in assisted living, allowing computers to drive our cars, deliver our groceries and monitor and manage our health," he added.

"It is therefore very important that we develop a strategy to protect ourselves against cyber technology attacks. With such a range of experts attending we expect to come up with the first ever global strategy to protect against cyber crime."


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