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First Irish shipment of medical aid to Aleppo 'set to arrive in around 25 days'

The first container of medical aid from Ireland is set for Aleppo.

Health trusts donated outdated equipment, and wheelchairs have been refurbished by inmates of Maghaberry Prison.

Bandages, walking frames, scanners and operating equipment are among other items in the pioneering shipment to war-torn Syria put together by St Vincent de Paul in Ballymena.

Charity regional president Aidan Crawford said: "Up until recently it has been impossible to get aid into Aleppo due to the heavy shelling and bombing taking place.

"However, due to the current situation we now have the opportunity to reach those most in need and are working with a charity in Syria who will distribute the aid when it arrives in about 25 days."

Mr Crawford said there are no working hospitals in Aleppo as every one of them has been bombed so they only have makeshift facilities to care for thousands of people.

He added: "There are also very few doctors left in the city as understandably most of them have fled the area, and those that remain aren't permitted by the government to buy any medical equipment.

"So the people of Aleppo really have nothing - even small things that we take for granted here like plasters and syringes are unavailable, as well as life-saving medicines which are simply non-existent."


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