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First Kincora, now the can of worms just keeps getting bigger

By Staff Reporter

Accusations of an official cover-up of child abuse committed in Northern Ireland in the early 1970s have now widened far beyond the Kincora scandal.

Four other homes have have been identified as possible abuse sites to Naomi Long, the Alliance MP for East Belfast. They include Lissue Children's Hospital in Lisburn and one in the east Antrim, which are both now closed.

A police investigation has already been launched into allegations of abuse at Lissue, which were first raised in 2011.

Police said they would carry out a full review into all matters relating to allegations of child abuse after a newspaper published details about a report into abuse at the children's hospital in the 1980s and 1990s. The fresh allegations brought to Naomi Long involve an earlier period in the 1970s.

Yesterday a spokeswoman for the PSNI said the 2011 Lissue investigation was still being carried out.

The South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, which inherited responsibility for Lissue, said: "Lissue is one of the institutions being considered in the Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry and will likely be addressed in the final module which will not be heard for some time.

"All trusts are fully co-operating with the inquiry and will provide any relevant documentation."

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