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First Minister Arlene Foster: 'I can sing Fields of Athenry very well'

First Minister Arlene Foster has revealed she can sing the Fields of Athenry "very well".

She was responding to the comedian Tim McGarry.

On Twitter, the Give My Head Peace star said Melania Trump's speech - in which the wife of US presidential hopeful Donald Trump was accused of plagiarism - was delivered so badly it "looked like [Arlene Foster] singing The Fields of Athenry".

Melania Trump's spokespeople denied claims she took segments from a speech given by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2008 for her address given at the Republican National Convention where her husband formally received the party's nomination for the American presidential election.

Mrs Foster is not one to be shy about her singing.

As the Belfast Telegraph revealed, she has quite the singing voice.

BBC Spotlight journalist Declan Lawn described how he discovered the First Minister singing - and dancing - to country star Nathan Carter's Wagon Wheel ahead of an appearance on the Nolan television show.

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