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First Minister Arlene Foster vows to help make Northern Ireland investor-friendly

By Noel McAdam

First Minister Arlene Foster has said she wants to make Northern Ireland the most attractive investment proposition in Europe.

Speaking at her first DUP breakfast event since becoming party leader, she also warned that Sinn Fein could still prove unwilling to accept the block grant cutbacks agreed to in exchange for the power to lower the rate of corporation tax.

Mrs Foster said: "Like so many other things in Northern Ireland, we can easily agree on the principle, but not everyone is quite so keen to actually take the action to make it happen."

Some in Sinn Fein, including national chairman Declan Kearney, have warned Stormont "will not be able to afford" the hundreds of millions of pounds it will lose, estimated at up to £300m.

Under the Fresh Start deal agreed by the two parties, the Executive will be given power to set the rate of corporation tax.

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