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Flag protester to flag of convenience... a rather unusual transformation

By Rebecca Black

It was nearing the end of a strange four hours at the Finance Committee hearing when DUP MLA Adrian McQuillan asked the question on everyone's lips: "Why you, Jamie?

For several months, flag protester Jamie Bryson has been posting detailed claims on his personal blog about what he says are behind-the-scenes accounts of the sale of Nama's Northern Ireland portfolio.

The north Down community worker, who has spent the several years defending himself against various charges associated with flag protests, may seem to many as perhaps one of the least likely people to uncover the truth about the Nama deal.

But it is clear he has several well-placed sources who have supplied him with extremely specific information.

He brought a weighty, bound dossier of evidence with him to Stormont yesterday, which he last night claimed to have written himself.

Mr Bryson appeared towards the end of Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness's increasingly irate testimony concerning First Minister Peter Robinson. The first thing Mr Bryson did was present this journalist with his bound evidence. The few pages he read to the committee were but a small section of the document, which has detailed appendices including emails, records from Companies House and other documents which he claims support his allegations.

He said he would to go to jail rather than reveal the identity of his sources. It was with a slightly furrowed brow that Mr McQuillan asked him as he was preparing to leave, "Why do they come to you?"

"I cannot speak on someone else's behalf," Mr Bryson responded.

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