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Flash Harry Queen tribute singer recovering following heart attack day after flying home from Bulgaria gig

Harry Hamilton
Harry Hamilton
Harry Hamilton belts out a song on stage
Harry with his band, including drummer Stevie Boyd (second left)
Harry at home with wife Heather and daughters Lucy, Tianna and Brooke

By Stephanie Bell

Flash Harry drummer Stevie Boyd has revealed how fate may have saved the life of bandmate and lead singer Harry Hamilton.

Harry (54), who is recovering well after emergency surgery to insert stents following a heart attack on Sunday, had been in Bulgaria performing with the group last week.

However, instead of returning home with the rest of the band on Sunday, the frontman for the Queen tribute act decided to come back a day early - and he suffered the coronary at the time he would have been mid-air.

As hundreds of wellwishers took to social media yesterday to express support for the popular Lurgan singer, friend and musical colleague Stevie revealed Harry was on the mend.

He said: "He is a lucky boy. We were in Bulgaria performing last Tuesday and Thursday and Harry decided to go home a day early on Saturday, and if he hadn't then he would have had his heart attack on the plane.

"He was in his kitchen, and thankfully his wife was there. Within three or four hours he had stents in. I think somebody was looking after him.

"As soon as I switched my phone on when we landed there was a call from Harry's dad.

"It was such a shock, as he is such a healthy person.

"He eats well and works out and only started drinking the odd glass of wine at the age of 40.

"He never drank before that. It wasn't like he lived the rock and roll lifestyle and abused his body."

Harry, who works as a project manager with the NI Food and Drink Association, has three daughters - Brooke, Lucy and Tianna.

Wife Heather called an ambulance when he suddenly took ill on Sunday afternoon.

Harry was rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, where he underwent an emergency procedure to insert stents into blocked arteries.

Last night he was transferred to Craigavon Area Hospital to continue his recovery closer to home.

Stevie revealed that in the past few weeks his friend had been unwell and was waiting for the result of tests.

He said: "Harry hadn't been feeling himself for a while and had been to the doctors.

Harry Hamilton performs the songs of Queen with his group Flash Harry
Harry Hamilton performs the songs of Queen with his group Flash Harry
Press Eye - Belfast - Northern Ireland - Saturday 14th June 2013 - Sunday Life Spirit of Northern Ireland Awards. Overall Spirit of NI Winner Wee Oscar Knox and Flash Harry

"We went to see him last night and he was in great form and he looked better than he has done in weeks.

"His spirits are great. He was sitting up and cracking jokes and in good form.

"He was overwhelmed, as we all are, by the good wishes and support on social media and said it was a real tonic. His family were there with him and they are all naturally upset, but he has good support around him."

The band had two upcoming shows this weekend, which have been cancelled.

The release of the Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody has meant they are busier than ever, and last night the drummer admitted he didn't know when they would be back on stage. He added: "We have some dates in a few weeks' time, and to be honest I don't know what will happen.

"Everyone has been very understanding and supportive and we will try and give people a heads-up where possible, but Harry's health comes first."

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