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Flute band parade banned from Ardoyne

The Parades Commission has banned the Shankill Star Flute Band from marching past Ardoyne.

The area saw fierce rioting during the marching season with a policewoman badly injured when a concrete block was dropped on her from the top of Ardoyne shops.

Dozens of arrests were made following the disturbances, which lasted several nights.

Last night’s ruling said the parade must start and finish promptly and be stewarded by sufficient numbers of identifiable marshals.

The parade is organised by the Ligoniel Walker Club of the Apprentice Boys of Derry.

The Parades Commission accepted that the club had never been involved in any violence or misbehaviour in the past, but said the band was not to walk past the area around the Ardoyne shopfronts.

It said residents and nationalist political parties found the band provocative, as it commemorates former member, UVF killer Brian Robinson.

It also called for local face-to-face dialogue to deal with the issue of parade disputes in north Belfast.

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