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Flytippers could face a £2,500 fine


Some of the rubbish that was dumped in Newtownabbey

Some of the rubbish that was dumped in Newtownabbey

Some of the rubbish that was dumped in Newtownabbey

Flytippers have been warned they could face a £2,500 fine after an upsurge in rubbish dumping following the holiday period.

Alderman Nigel Hamilton was alerted that the opportunistic flytippers have been out all over the borough dumping their Christmas cardboard boxes, bin liners filled with wrapping paper and other boxes for toys at a number of locations.

He said: “I have reported the incidents to Newtownabbey Borough Council staff and trust that anyone who sees this being done reports it to the council.

“It makes a laughing stock out of those parents who give Christmas gifts and toys to their children on Christmas Day and dump the wrapping and boxes on lonely country lanes in the countryside.

“Shame on them — they have completely lost their sense of civic responsibility and deserve to be fined for discarding the after Christmas debris in the lane ways and roadsides of the borough.

“There is no excuse for this irresponsible behaviour. It simply adds to the waste collection bill the ratepayer has to stump up for.”

A spokeswoman for Newtownabbey Borough Council said: “All complaints of dumping are investigated in line with the council’s enforcement policy.

“The material is examined and where possible the person responsible identified.

“A fixed penalty notice is issued which carries a penalty of £50 — failure to pay results in the person responsible being taken to court, where a maximum fine of £2,500 could be imposed.

“Where the material dumped does not fall under the council’s remit (due to quantity or nature of the material — commercial or industrial waste) then the details of the incident are forwarded to the Environment Agency,” the spokeswoman added.

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