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Focus on timetable not the backstop, warns Sturgeon

By Katrine Bussey

Nicola Sturgeon will warn the Prime Minister she is "pursuing the impossible" if she wants to change the Brexit backstop arrangements for Northern Ireland.

The Scottish First Minister is heading to London for talks with Theresa May, as the Prime Minister battles to try to get her proposed European withdrawal deal through Parliament.

And rather than focusing on the Northern Irish backstop, which EU leaders insist forms a key part of the Brexit arrangements, Ms Sturgeon said Mrs May should instead be trying to extend the timetable for a deal.

Ms Sturgeon issued a stark message to the PM ahead of today's talks, saying: "The UK is in the midst of the most serious political crisis in many decades - and it is entirely a mess of the Prime Minister's own making.

"With time running out, Theresa May needs to stop blaming everybody else and start listening."

She added: "Theresa May's current strategy is to rule out the possible - extending the Article 50 period - while pursuing the impossible - changes to the backstop.

"At today's meeting I will be making clear to the Prime Minister that it is she who needs to change her position - not everybody else."

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