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Football star Tim Mouncey to miss Irish Cup final as he lines up his own match of the day in sunny Caribbean

By Adrian Rutherford

It should be his biggest game of the season - but Tim Mouncey will miss the Irish Cup final for an altogether different match.

The Portadown footballer will be thousands of miles away getting married when his club takes on Glentoran next month.

In an unfortunate coincidence, the 32-year-old midfielder booked his wedding for the same time as the cup final.

It means he will be marrying his fiancee of 10 years, Jamie Young, instead of being a part of local football's showpiece fixture.

Mouncey said he was "absolutely gutted" to be sitting out the final, but pledged: "I'll be kicking every ball in the Caribbean."

Portadown face Glentoran at the Oval in Belfast on May 2.

It is the first time the Ports have reached the cup final since 2010, when Mouncey was part of the side which lost to Linfield.

He will not be involved in this year's final because of the ceremony, which was arranged two years ago.

Mouncey will also miss Portadown's last two league games, including today's big mid-Ulster derby against Glenavon.

"I had it booked two years ago - I couldn't have predicted we'd be in the Irish Cup final," he told the Belfast Telegraph.

"It is the first match I've ever missed in these circumstances, through the season, in my career.

"I'd always take holidays at the start of June so I wouldn't miss a match.

"I'm thrilled we are in the final, but it's just absolutely gutting to miss out on it."

Mouncey left at 6am today and will not return until 48 hours after the final.

"If you're going to miss a match, getting married in the Caribbean isn't a bad replacement," he said.

"It's hard to beat a day like the Irish Cup final, but being in the Caribbean will help it quite a bit."

The midfielder is still hoping to watch the match while abroad.

"We're on a cruise and I think we're sailing that day, so hopefully I'll be able to get some sort of link to it," he said.

"If I can watch it, I'll definitely be tuning in." Mouncey isn't the first Irish League footballer who has seen family commitments get in the way of a big match.

Earlier this month Crusaders winger Paul Heatley missed a crucial match because he was getting hitched.

The 27-year-old was marrying partner Laura Crawford on the same day his side suffered a narrow defeat at Portadown.

He responded by scoring the winner in the Crues' next game against Cliftonville - a goal that effectively clinched the league title.

Wedding hitches

In November 2011, the then England boss Fabio Capello missed his son's wedding because of a football match.

Pierfilippo Capello was marrying his long-term partner Tiziana in Milan - at the same time England were playing Spain.

Andy Murray, who married long-term girlfriend Kim Sears earlier this month, has had to postpone their honeymoon until the end of the tennis season.

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