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Foreign applicants screened for criminal records before working with children

Foreign applicants for work with children in Northern Ireland are to be screened for criminal records, the Justice Minister has said.

Workers from Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain will be checked to see if they have a UK or home country conviction.

Justice Minister Claire Sugden said it would provide further reassurance to those employers that comprehensive checks have taken place to ensure that applicants are suitable.

She said: "This extension builds upon a pilot project to obtain criminal record information about applicants from Latvia and Holland.

"Following the pilot, I have decided to continue with these checks but to focus on those EU countries where most of our applicants come from."

Employers can continue to obtain a certificate of good conduct from any country that an AccessNI criminal records check applicant may come from.

However, for the countries within the scope of this project, AccessNI will automatically obtain any criminal record information available and, if relevant, disclose this on AccessNI certificates.


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