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Forget Game of Thrones' Red Wedding - this bridal party almost succumbed to the wrath of the White Walkers

By Claire Williamson

Never mind the Red Wedding - is this the most terrifyingly brilliant wedding photo of all time?

It's a Game of Thrones fan's worst nightmare to be chased by the terrifying White Walkers -  but for one bride and groom it was too good an opportunity to resist.

Newlyweds Mairead (34) from Castlewellan and Jonny Hill (29) from Bolton had chosen Tollymore Forest to take the all important photographs of their big day last Saturday.

But when they realised their photographs were being taken where the forest scenes of the hit HBO series is filmed, it sparked their imagination.

Tollymore Forest is just one of dozens of stunning locations where the programme which is now in its sixth season is filmed.

The newlyweds who live in Bolton are big Game of Thrones fans and they asked Belfast based photographer Andrew McKenna to add some mystique to their stunning wedding photos and soon the happy couple and the entire bridal party were running for their lives (champagne in hand) being chased by the terrifying white walkers.

To create the image Andrew first took the photograph which required the bridal party using their imagination that the white walkers were chasing them.

He then photoshopped the terrifying White Walkers in.

Mairead said it took a couple of attempts as they all kept laughing so much.

She told the Belfast Telegraph: "It was hilarious, just fun. Andrew put us all at ease, there was a couple of takes because everybody couldn't stop laughing to begin with to get the scary faces.

"Everybody has been going absolutely mental for it. There have been people liking the photo that we don't even know who are commenting on the photos. It's not even just the Game of  Thrones picture, it's the wide spectrum of the photos that Andrew did for us.

"But the Game of Thrones one, nobody seems to not have seen anything like it before."

Mairead, who works in customer service and Jonny, who works for a university, have been together for five years and met in Ibiiza. The pair wanted something different for their wedding photos.

"We wanted something a more relaxed because none of us are keen on getting photos taken. And because of where the wedding was set, obviously a lot of the game of thrones is filmed there And a lot o the people that were attending are big fans like myself and Jonny, so we decided to do something a wee bit different.

"I know Andrew from school and I know his background in photography and he's really good at photo shopping. He kindly agreed to do that for us.

"I came across it in America and stuff and we thought we'll just give it a go and see what it looked like. We seen people do Star Wars ones and things like that but not the Game of Thrones and obviously we thought it would be ideal to do it."

Jonny added: "When we were doing the game of thrones one there was some people hiking and a few of them e watching us and looking at us running with the champagne in our hands.

They were confused as they were going camping and we were just running around."


Andrew McKenna is one of three photographers who have set up photography business and web design studio Goya Photography.

You can find more information and photos from Andrew McKenna of Goya Photography at their website here

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