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Forkhill Army base to become children’s playground

The site of a former Army watchtower which became a symbol of the Troubles is to be replaced by a housing development including a children's playground.

The hilltop base at Forkhill in South Armagh was one of a series of military posts which once dominated the skyline.

Now Social Development Minister Alex Attwood has announced a major regeneration project for the eight-acre hilltop site.

“In anticipation of acquiring the Forkhill ex-military site, my department had already carried out some initial masterplanning work. This means we are now in a position to move forward quickly with the regeneration,” he said.

“The main elements of the regeneration could include up to 20 houses, community leisure and recreational facilities, a creche and a play park and customised economic infrastructure including enterprise units.”

Mr Attwood said the announcement was a “great day for Forkhill and the surrounding area”.

Belfast Telegraph