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Former DUP Spad Richard Bullick makes Twitter debut, hints at tell-all book and jokes on how he replaced RHI boiler

Richard Bullick
Richard Bullick
Jonathan Bell

By Jonathan Bell

A former senior DUP adviser has joined the Twitteratti.

Richard Bullick, who has been intensively involved in a number of crucial negotiations during the past 15 years, quit the party earlier this year.

He was said to have helped manage the transition of the DUP over recent years and the expansion of its support base before taking up his new position as head of public affairs with MCE Public Relations.

Since his first tweet on Saturday evening he has taken aim at those criticising the DUP for its policies after the proposed link-up with the Tories, "red herrings" in Northern Ireland politics, Ruth Davidson's assurance form the Prime Minister on rights, a border poll, James Brokenshire potentially staying on as Northern Ireland Secretary and been asked out for dinner with Stephen Nolan.

Explaining his decision to join the social network he said it was not appropriate given his previous job and wanted to wait until after the election.

"So this twitter thing has been about for more than 3000 years ... who knew??? #myfirstTweet," he said introducing himself.

Asked if he joined just to correct statements made by those in English media, he responded: "Actually yes! I suspect I'll be busy.

Former UUP leader Mike Nesbitt was among the first to respond. He asked about the Hatfield House talks between the DUP, UUP and Conservatives in 2010 to discuss an electoral pact.

"Just wondered if you had an insight into the why and wherefore of Hatfield, Richard and wanted to share?" he asked.

"It will all be in the book," replied Mr Bullick.

He was also asked about his RHI boiler was performing.

"RHI boiler??? That's so 2016. Took it out and replaced with oil boiler to keep our Saudi friends happy.  Please keep up," he joked.

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