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Former GAA star donates a kidney

The president of Ulster GAA has praised Joe Brolly for a selfless act of humanity after he gave his friend a kidney.

The 42-year-old former gaelic football star and Derry all-Ireland winner is recovering in hospital after donating the organ to Belfast PR executive and fellow GAA enthusiast Shane Finnegan.

The pair, who know each other from coaching an under-10s team at St Brigid's gaelic club in Belfast, are recovering in Guy's Hospital in London after surgery earlier this week.

President of Ulster GAA Aogan O'Fearghail said: "Joe Brolly's actions are the embodiment of the values of the GAA.

"This selfless act of humanity and compassion is truly one of the greatest expressions of friendship ever witnessed.

"Joe has given Shane Finnegan a second chance and he has inspired the entire community by reminding us of the core value of the GAA in that you give, you don't take."

Two-time all-star Brolly, a barrister and TV sports pundit, approached Mr Finnegan when he heard he needed a live donor and had been awaiting a transplant for more than six years.

Mr O'Fearghail added: "I send the prayers and thoughts of all the GAA in Ulster to Shane, Joe and both their families and I look forward to seeing both men back on the pitch coaching the under-10s of St Brigid's GAA."

Mr Finnegan, 40, has suffered from kidney problems for 20 years. Two previous transplants have failed - one of them after 12 years.


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