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Former housebuilding tycoons Michael and John Taggart are stalling, bank tells court

Former housebuilding tycoons Michael and John Taggart are "playing" the High Court in a calculated attempt to put off their multi-million pound legal battle with the Ulster Bank.

The brothers were accused of repeatedly switching lawyers as part of efforts to delay the action and senior counsel for the bank hit out at their alleged conduct as it emerged the pair are now instructing a fifth different firm.

Stephen Shaw QC also questioned why the Taggarts, who say they are too broke to pay for lawyers, have yet to seek legal aid despite a two-week deadline.

He claimed every time the case is about to begin they have "resorted to all manner of ruses and stunts in order to buy more time".

The brothers are suing the Ulster Bank for alleged negligence and improper conduct they claim contributed to their business demise. In a counter claim, Ulster Bank has lodged writs for £5m and €4.3m (£3.6m) it claims the brothers owe in guarantees.

Yesterday in court their new solicitor, Peter Madden, sought more time and hit back at the criticism of his clients and disputed their responsibility for delays.

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