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Former PSNI chief ‘surprised’ government not launching investigation into No 10 Christmas party

Former PSNI Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde has said that more evidence is likely to emerge of the Christmas party at No 10 Downing Street and that an investigation should have been launched.

It comes after leaked footage of a mock press conference emerged showing No 10 staff laughing about a party taking place in December 2020.

Speaking to Nick Ferrari live on LBC radio, Sir Hugh also said that he would've chosen to investigate it.

Mr Ferrari asked Sir Hugh: "Letters have come in from two Labour MPs to the commissioner of the Met suggesting an investigation go-ahead, but currently there will be no investigation, let alone the video evidence we saw a couple of days ago. Seem the right call to you, Sir Hugh?"

Sir Hugh Orde said: "I think there will be evidence coming out, and we have to remember at the time these allegations took place, many people were being fined up to £10,000 for apparently doing very similar acts. So, I'm slightly surprised.

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“I think more evidence will emerge and at some point, I think the Met will have to make a decision as to whether it’s appropriate to investigate or not.

"The fact there is no evidence at the moment is of course because no one's actually looking for evidence,” he added.

“But in the spirit of openness and transparency I would've thought the government would welcome such investigation to ensure that there are no stones left unturned and so that the public can be reassured.”

Nick then asked: "In a sentence, you'd want to have a look at it wouldn't you Hugh?"

Sir Hugh replied: "I'd certainly consider investigating, yes."

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