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Former world champion boxer Eamonn Magee charged with harassing father of son's alleged killer

By Paul Higgins

Former world champion boxer Eamon Magee was today charged with harassing the father of his son's alleged killer.

Standing in the dock of Lisburn Magistrates Court where his son's alleged killer stood three months ago, 44-year-old Magee was formally charged with "pursuing a course of conduct which amounted to the harassment of Mehmet Oner" on June 14 this year.

Magee, listed as unemployed and from Eskdale Gardens in west Belfast, spoke only to confirm that he understood the single offence and although no facts surrounding the allegation were opened in court, a police constable said he knew the facts and believed he could connect the former world champion to the charge.

A prosecuting lawyer had asked for the case to be listed next week "for a decision to be finalised" but Magee's defence solicitor said he was "out of the jurisdiction" so asked for a longer adjournment.

Magee, who was known as The Terminator during his professional boxing career which saw him crowned WBU welterweight world champion as well as success at the Commonwealth games, was released on continuing bail and Deputy District Judge Philip Mateer ordered him to appear again on September 24 with the PPS confirming that "we should have a decision by that stage."

Mr Oner is the father of 32-year-old Orhan Koca who is in custody accused of the murder of Eamon Magee junior on May 30 this year.

During court proceedings in the murder case, the prosecution have claimed that on May 30 at 2.38am the police were called to Summerhill Park in West Belfast, where they found Mr Magee lying in the road and bleeding heavily from stab wounds.

“Enquiries quickly established that he had been at the home of his girlfriend Miss Courtney Ward and at 2am they ordered a pizza,” explained the prosecutor lawyer.

“Shortly after 2.30am Mr Magee left the house by the rear exit and his girlfriend then heard screaming outside. When she left the house she saw two men standing over Mr Magee trying to help him."

The lawyer described how Miss Ward was the estranged partner of the Turkish man Koca but that she had commenced a relationship with Mr Magee.

“The defendant had been stalking her, mainly via social media, and advising her to stop seeing her boyfriend,” continued the Prosecution.

Father-of-three Koca was interviewed by the police on seventeen occasions following his arrest but repeatedly denied murdering Mr Magee.

The court also heard that jeans, covered in Mr Magee’s blood, had been recovered from Beckett’s Bar, where the defendant both worked and stayed and that the jeans were found close to items of clothing belonging to Koca.

The alleged killer, who has been reported as having been beaten up whilst in custody, is to appear in court via videolink on September 21.

Last month at Belfast Magistrates Court, Eamon Magee snr had a conviction for assaulting a woman over turned and a four month prison sentence dismissed.

Louise Mullan had previously accused Magee of launching a no-warning attack during a late-night drinking session at a friend's apartment in July last year.

The nursing home worker claimed he dragged her to the ground by her hair before kicking and hitting her.

Giving evidence at a contested hearing on his own behalf, Magee claimed she subjected him to a barrage of up to 10 punches which he compared to legendary US middleweight Marvin Hagler.

Magee said he only grabbed her arms to stop the blows but was convicted of assault with a four month jail term imposed.

That conviction was appealed and when Ms Mullan failed to appear for that appeal hearing, the conviction was overturned.

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