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Foster reveals why she prefers Bodyguard to Killing Eve

The Bodyguard
The Bodyguard

Arlene Foster has revealed she prefers Game of Thrones to Lord of the Rings and Bodyguard to Killing Eve.

During an interview with the Times newspaper, Mrs Foster answered a series of quickfire questions on pop culture.

Asked which BBC drama she preferred, she said: "I'm going to have to say Bodyguard because I have one."

Mrs Foster also agreed to give an interview to the BBC's Andrew Marr show over the weekend but declined to speak to the three largest papers in Northern Ireland, including the Belfast Telegraph.

At a time when the DUP is at odds with the Conservative Party, she went on to tell The Times she preferred ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher over Theresa May.

"She came in when I was eight so a female politician was leading the country through the formative years," she said.

Mrs Foster also preferred Mary Poppins to Fantastic Beasts, lions to unicorns and leather instead of tweed.

She added the DUP would "absolutely, definitely" vote against Theresa May's draft Brexit withdrawal deal.

"If people are looking to Dublin for representation in Europe because we're the subject of EU rules that is so dangerous in terms of the Union," she said.

The Irish Government, she said, had also "exploited" the issue of the Irish border.

"They know they can't say that they want to stop Brexit.

"So they will try to get as close to EU membership as they can possibly get."

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