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Found: Submarine at the bottom of the Foyle

By Brendan McDaid

Sonar researchers got the shock of their lives recently when they spotted what they at first thought was a German U-Boat lying on the bed of the River Foyle in Londonderry.

The large submarine-shaped object was discovered by accident during a scanning operation of the entire riverbed as part of a separate project.

It’s now known the object is just 50ft long, making it too small for one of the feared German raiders.

It is now thought to be a small British submarine.

A team of experts is now preparing to dive down into the murky depths to inspect what could turn out to be an extremely rare X-craft submarine from the Second World War.

X-craft were used to attach mines in an attack on the German battleship Tirpitz in 1943.

Derry was one of the most important naval bases during the 1939-45 conflict and was crucial to ensuring Allied success in the Battle of the Atlantic. The city was selected for the site of the symbolic German fleet surrender to recognise the vital role it played in the war.

Diver Paschal Lawrence will co-ordinate an expert team assembled to explore the site.

“We have now got a diving team together and are organising another scan to look at this specifically,” he said. “We feel very confident actually that it is an X-craft but it is not certain yet.”

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