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Four of six pups found in Strabane wheelie bin lose the fight for life

By Staff Reporter

Four puppies born in a wheelie bin after their mother was abandoned in horrifying conditions have now died.

Dusty the dog was found afraid and beaten in the bin with her litter but died the day after being rescued.

Now just two of the pups remain, but volunteers at Animals in Need NW said they were doing very well.

Natasha Haye from the centre said: "The pups are a week old now and being hand fed, this unfortunately decreases their chance of survival dramatically but two of the babies have survived and we are hopeful for their future.

"One of the puppies died before it had a chance to be rescued and the other three died over Christmas."

Council animal welfare officers had visited the dog over the weekend but did not deem it to be an emergency.

On Sunday, December 20, volunteers from the charity found her and her puppies dumped in the bin inside a shed at an abandoned Traveller site in Strabane.

Gareth Connor, founder of Animals in Need NW, said: "We'd heard there was a mother and pups there and she was very small so we initially thought she was the only one, but then there was a noise and we found the puppies.

"We think they were probably born on Sunday morning. It was really awful."

One of her six puppies had already died in the bin and the others were left fighting for survival.

Dusty was also so seriously ill that she stopped producing milk and couldn't feed her litter.

Mr Connor added: "This is an extreme case. Karen, one of the girls who helped to rescue her, said this is one of the worst cases of neglect she's come across and she's been volunteering for 16 years."

A spokesman for Derry City and Strabane District Council confirmed an animal welfare officer responded to a call of a dog in alleged distress in the Strabane area.

They said: "Following discussions with the PSNI who attended the site, the officer was satisfied the animal was in no immediate danger."

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