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Four PSNI officers injured as driver goes on border rampage

By Claire Harrison

Four PSNI officers are recovering after they were rammed and injured by a car doing 'donuts' on a remote border road.

The PSNI officers – two men and two women – were treated for head and leg injuries after a BMW went on the rampage outside Newry, close to the border with Co Louth.

A 27-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of motoring offences and assault on police after the series of incidents, which began at around 7.30pm on Sunday.

The ordeal for three of the officers unfolded when they were patrolling on Ferryhill Road and observed the silver BMW doing donuts in the middle of the road.

A PSNI spokeswoman said the officers indicated for the vehicle to stop – but the driver instead tried to flee.

"The driver made off towards the police vehicle at speed, ramming the car as he did so," she said.

The officers were injured by the impact.

They were taken to hospital, where they were treated for head and leg injuries.

The BMW was then spotted by police almost three hours later – at around 10.10pm – when it was observed by another patrol in nearby Kelly's Road.

The car reversed at high speed at a woman officer, causing her to jump clear to avoid being struck.

She was also hurt and had to be taken to hospital with minor injuries.

The BMW was then spotted again, at around 10.30pm, at the rear of an address at Kelly's Road.

The suspect was arrested after he was confronted by police and attempted to assault officers. "The BMW has now been seized for examination," the spokeswoman added.

"Officers are also investigating a number of other reports of vehicles, possibly including a silver BMW, driving erratically in a number of areas in the border area."

Independent councillor Jackie Patterson urged drivers to have respect for police officers working to keep the community safe on the roads.

"The PSNI is trying to take care of us all on the roads and along the border and this sort of behaviour is completely unacceptable," said the Newry and Mourne councillor.

"When those responsible are brought to justice, they should have their licence taken off them. No-one deserves to have a licence if they are going to abuse it, especially when you think about the death toll on our roads."

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