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Fourth lorry hits Northern Ireland bridge within a year

Another lorry has hit a Northern Ireland bridge - making it the fourth incident at the same spot within the past year.

It happened on Tuesday night as the lorry drove under The Cut in Banbridge.

The road was closed for a short time and no injuries were reported.

In May police joked that they may need a bigger sign after a lorry hit the bridge.

"Usually people exaggerate their height, not think they are smaller," said police.

"The Cut 3 Lorries 0."

Last year two vehicles hit the bridge within the space of a couple of days.

Among them was a prison van which lost its roof it hit the bridge.

On approach to the bridge there are a number of signs warning motorists about the height of the bridge.

Michael Ferran, who runs Banbridge-based firm Transport Consulting Company, and teaches lorry drives about safety told the BBC if the vehicles make a mistake and approach the bridge, there is little space for them to turn back.

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