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Frampton: Death threat was 'probably some clown in his mum's front box room thinking he's a hard man'



Death threat: Carl and Christine

Death threat: Carl and Christine

Death threat: Carl and Christine

Former world champion boxer Carl Frampton has said he believes a death threat sent to his family was "probably just a young lad being stupid" - but stated that people shouldn't have the right to send such messages.

It came in a Facebook private message to his wife Christine which read: "You and your kids and Carl are getting murdered by the UVF, so f***ing watch".

Christine posted a screengrab of the threat on her Twitter feed and asked for advice on how to find the person who sent it online. The same person asked her two days previously whether she owned a leather jacket and leather gloves.

Speaking about the incident the Belfast boxer said while he didn't believe it was a "serious death threat" he condemned it.

He told BBC Talkback: "You have to take these things seriously. But I think it was some clown, probably someone pretty young siting in his mum's front box room, thinking he's a hard man.

"People think they can say what they want on social media. But it's not a serious death threat I don't think. It's just some idiot, probably a young lad just being stupid."

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Frampton said he didn't report it to the police because he thinks it was "just some idiot".

"People shouldn't say these thngs. Just because it's social media you can't talk about people's kids and talk about murdering them and their family - it's just not on.

"We did take it serious, it was annoying, but we didn't go to the cops because we know it was just just some idiot."

Frampton retweeted the message because he hoped someone would know the person who sent it and have word with him.

He added: "Again I want to clarify I don't think it's a serious death threat but people don't have the right to make these statements because they are on social media.

"All it was is just some probably young guy who is a bit silly and said something that he shouldn't have said.

"The support from the public has been great, people don't want to see that sort of stuff anymore."

The threat sparked outrage among their fans, with many labelling the person behind it as a "scumbag" and a "keyboard warrior", urging Christine to report it to the PSNI.

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