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Frank Carson given all-clear on cancer

By Eddie McIlwaine

Frank Carson was supping a bowl of porridge when he came on the phone to announce: “The news is good — I’m going to make it.”

The ailing comedian was talking about the results of a seven-hour session with his consultants to find out how his body had reacted to the serious operation for stomach cancer he had undergone a few days before.

“Everything is positive,” revealed Frank. “The worry was that the disease would spread to my liver, but nothing like that has happened and the surgeons are confident that I’m going to survive.

“What I have to do now is take advice on how to heal from my operation. Just for once in my life I am being really serious and listening to what I am being told. Apparently they have new drugs which they are going to give me and I will be going to the Christy Hospital in Manchester which specialises in cancer for further treatment.”

Frank has been told that he must keep as fit as possible and get as much exercise as possible in spite of the fact that he will be 85 in November.

“So I am planning to go for three walks every day and to do that on a daily basis,” he said.

“And I will also be going for a daily swim.

“I’m just so grateful —and so is my wife Ruth — that I am starting to emerge from this ordeal.

“Someone up there has been looking after me.

“And I will still make it home to Belfast in October for a couple of engagements. I don’t want to let anyone down.

“Perhaps the way that I have faced up to my illness and what has happened to me will be an inspiration to other cancer sufferers.”

Despite his upbeat attitude, the veteran funnyman has admitted he knows he is not immortal.

He’s already said he wants his ashes scattered in three different locations. The comic said he wanted some scattered around Sailortown in Belfast where he grew up, Ballbriggan in Co Dublin where he was mayor and finally in his adoptive home of Blackpool.

His businessman son Tony has made it clear that his father will be strictly under doctor’s orders.

“In the past he has been inclined to go his own way in life, but the family will rally round and make sure he does everything by the book.

“He is a great parent so we will still let him tell a joke or two.”


A year ago, Whiteabbey housewife Sadie Cornett (68) was in agony with a muscle disease when daughter Jacqueline met Frank at Aldergrove Airport. “They were waiting for their flight and she told him about my illness. Immediately he agreed to chat to me on the telephone. It was a beautiful summer afternoon and I was sitting on the garden swing when my husband Alex brought the phone to me. I couldn’t believe it was my favourite comedian on the line. He chatted to me for ages and cheered me up. Frank didn’t have to do that and I don’t think he realised just how good he was for me.”

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