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Free condiments off prison food menu


Murderer: Fred McClenaghan

Murderer: Fred McClenaghan

Murderer: Fred McClenaghan

Prisoners doing bird in Northern Ireland this Christmas will be eating their turkey without cranberry thanks to cutbacks.

Also missing from Maghaberry's menu will be tomato ketchup, brown sauce, salt, vinegar and sugar.

At the start of the month, Justice Minister David Ford said the Prison Service was facing £9 million in austerity cuts.

Now high-profile inmates like murderer Fred McClenaghan and paedophile Liam Adams face paying for condiments themselves.

"Following a review of catering expenditure in Maghaberry Prison, the free supply to prisoners of sugar, sauces, salt and jam has been withdrawn," the Prison Service told Sunday Life newspaper.

"We have made these items available for individual purchase by prisoners through the prison tuck shop. These changes were made with full prisoner consultation and a communication exercise developed and in place through the prisoner forums."

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