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Free pet check-ups

Ormeau Veterinary Clinic is offering a free consultation for dogs and cats over eight years old, throughout the month of January.

Veterinary surgeon, Laura Wallace explains: “As our pets grow older we become more concerned about their general health. It is important as a responsible owner that you take note of even subtle changes as these can be the first indications of disease. You know your pet better than anyone else, it’s important you alert us to any changes in your pet.”

she points out that a thorough clinical examination allows the veterinary clinic to determine what the underlying problem might be.

In addition to a free consultation the clinic is also offering a 10% discount on selected further diagnostics such as blood and urine tests.

Laura added “While many diseases may require medication, for others a change in exercise regime or a change of diet may be sufficient in the early stages to help delay disease progression.”

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