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Fresh clue over missing Madeleine

By Richard Vernalls

A resident of Praia da Luz has told how she saw a car driving towards the apartment Madeleine McCann disappeared from 10 years ago.

Madeleine was three when she vanished in May 2007.

British detectives working on the case revealed recently that they were pursuing a "significant" line of inquiry.

Jenny Murat, who lives 100 yards from the Ocean Club complex where the McCanns were staying, saw a car driving towards their apartment.

She said it was driving the wrong way down a one-way street. Mrs Murat also described seeing a woman standing outside the family's apartment on the night Madeleine went missing.

"I noticed her there and she kind of looked as if she was trying to hide from me. I do remember she was wearing a plum-coloured top," she said.

Mrs Murat's son Robert, a translator, was the first person to be made an arguido - a named suspect - in the case.

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