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Fresh hope for 'dismal' city square

By Michael McHugh

Belfast's dilapidated Shaftesbury Square could become a new public transport hub, a report said.

More than 84,000 residents are connected with the city centre via its busy commuter routes.

It is in a "dismal" state, with extensive vacancy and building abandonment on all sides, the review said. It recommended slowing traffic speeds and providing safe pedestrian access, plus rapid transit lanes.

The report added: "It is a bleak and hostile environment for all who pass through, other than motorists.

"It should be of the highest priority to reclaim this as an attractive inner urban space, which is a hub of activity."

From Monday to Friday, 684 buses pass through the square each day, but stops have been pushed into neighbouring streets, the report by the Department for Communities said.

It concluded: "Shaftesbury Square is a potential hub for public transport."

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