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Friends ask for help with Megan’s US wish

INTERNET friends of a south Belfast family have asked for the public’s help and support to send their eight year old daughter on a Starlight Foundation trip to the USA.

Kelly Bloor, from Bedfordshine in England, met Megan Traynor’s mum Leanne on an internet forum for mothers and was moved by the family’s efforts to give Megan, who has severe health problems, her special holiday.

Kelly contacted the Community Telegraph to ask readers to support the family before the offer of the Wish is withdrawn in mid-December.

Kelly said: “Leanne has always been online to help others and offer advice and support. Little did we realise it would soon be our turn to help Leanne and her family out.”

She explained that Leanne has three children — Megan is the eldest, Hannah and Lilly.

“Megan is almost nine years old and she has been really poorly. She was born with septo-optic dysplasia — which means she has no sight, severe childhood autism, a severe learning difficulty and is deficient of many of the natural hormones required to keep her alive so she takes a lot of medication including daily injections.

“Eighteen months ago a mass was found on her tummy and her family were fearing the worst, but six months later it had vanished.

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“Now they tell us there's another one on her arm, so the panic starts again.

“She has become so tired and lethargic and her once sporadic seizures have become a daily occurrence.

“Each time she has a fit she goes back developmentally.

“She's so poorly now she's just a shadow of her former self.”

Her family say Megan is a funny, inspiring and very brave little girl who has brought much joy into the lives of all that have met her. She is so musical and loves Christina Aguilera; and has the voice of a wee angel.”

There was great excitement when Megan was offered a wish by the Starlight Foundation. They want to fly Megan and the family off to Orlando in Florida, to swim with dolphins and visit SeaWorld.

But as Kelly explains, that was brought to a sudden halt when Leanne was made redundant this year. “Any savings they had have been used. Leanne has had to cancel the wish twice as they haven’t been in a financial position to afford the spending money for the holiday. If they cancel again, the wish will be moved onto another family — they have to use the wish by December 2011.

“We would desperately love Leanne, husband Stuart and the children — especially Megan to be able to experience this fabulous opportunity, and have been exploring different options to raise funds to enable this deserving family to go away on their wish.

“The wish is self catering so they require money to ‘enjoy’ the facilities within the vicinity, although anything we can raise would be a bonus,” added Kelly.

“We would appreciate any help you can pledge to our quest. As friends, despite the fact most of us have never actually met in person, we share a unique bond and are all determined to help Leanne and her family ensure they don’t lose this trip.”

Donations can be made to the Megan Traynor Appeal through the Halifax Building Society, account number 00789720, sort code 11-09-76.

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