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From an hour to 60 minutes: Confusion reigns over Northern Ireland town's parking change

There has been confusion in Bangor after parking signs in the town that previously stated drivers could park for up to "60 minutes" were changed to limit parking for up to "1 hour".

People living in the Co Down town have been left puzzled by the change when the signs mean the same thing, the BBC reports.

The change was part of £8m public works taking place in Bangor, although it is understood the replacement of the four signs has cost less than £100.

One Bangor driver told the BBC she didn’t think the sign was worth updating.

“I think probably if they wanted to improve the sign in any way, they could have made it bigger but kept the information the same - it’s a waste of money,” she said.

Terence Malcolm, from the North Down and Ards Road Safety Committee said the change had left him confused.

“I’m really at a loss, I always thought an hour was 60 minutes but, seemingly, now it’s an hour in High Street.

“I have no idea why they changed them, somebody told me a change in the legislation was coming,” he said.

A spokesman for the Department of Infrastructure explained the wording of the signs was changed to better reflect the legislation.

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