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From Canada to Australia, America to Togo, lodges step out to celebrate Twelfth

By Staff Reporter

The birthplace of Orangeism may be Armagh, but brethren stepped out in cities across the world over the weekend as the build-up to the Twelfth continues.

In Toronto, Canadian flags were held aloft along with Orange banners and Union flags as the annual procession made its way through the busy downtown area.

Orange lodges in Canada date back to 1812 and Toronto's parade appears to be the longest continually running parade in North America. It started in 1820.

A number of Orange parades also take place in Australia each year. Adelaide held its annual Twelfth parade last week.

One of the strongest presences of the Orange Order outside Northern Ireland is in Scotland, where on July 1 an estimated 4,500 people in 63 bands paraded through Glasgow city centre.

In England a number of parades are held in Liverpool, including a junior Twelfth parade through the city centre yesterday. On Wednesday parades will be held in Southport and Liverpool.

An estimated 5,000 marchers from 125 different lodges are due to take part.

There are also functioning Orange lodges from as far away as the United States to African states such as Togo.

Meanwhile, the Orange Order placed a full-page advertisement in Northern Ireland's main daily newspapers on Saturday, including the nationalist Irish News.

The advert for Belfast Orangefest 2017 urged people to come to the city to enjoy the Twelfth parade, a food festival and street entertainment.

It also noted that shops in the city would be open from noon.

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