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From day one family have not allowed themselves to be intimidated by intense scrutiny of their faith

By Deborah McAleese

It is no surprise that Daniel McArthur and his family are prepared to walk straight back into the lion's den.

After being thrust unexpectedly into the middle of such a highly publicised and emotive case - and losing - many would have preferred to walk quietly away.

But from day one the McArthurs have not allowed themselves to be intimidated by the full weight of the law, or the intense scrutiny of their religious beliefs.

And Daniel McArthur, who along with his wife Amy became the public face of the 'gay cake' row case, willingly stepped into the spotlight to fight for his beliefs. When Mr McArthur took to the witness box during the civil hearing he told the court he was happy to take part in a public campaign on the issue.

"I have been happy to contribute to these events," Mr McArthur confidently told Gareth Lee's lawyer.

"I feel it is important to bring it into the public domain.

"So people can understand what we are going through."

Unafraid to cross swords with the top English barrister, he added: "As Christians, gay marriage is contradictory to the Bible. We felt, as Christians, we could not in conscience put it (a slogan support gay marriage) on a cake.

"We believe the business is being given to us by God and how we use it is on our shoulders."

After the family-run bakery was found guilty of unlawful discrimination the family remained defiant that they had done nothing wrong in the eyes of God.

Rather than return to their normal lives, the once very private family is preparing to step into the spotlight yet again to fight their corner in what has become a battle between religious freedom and gay rights.

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