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From shop top dog to happy baker

A former store manager has turned her back on the cut and thrust of the competitive retail world to find a new living out of her favourite hobby.

Jennifer Paisley, originally from Magheramorne, used to manage Marks and Spencer stores, opening the major Forestside and Abbey Centre outlets, but now she’s happily ensconsed within the walled garden of Glenarm Antrim Estate, baking for a living.

Appointed as its new tenant to run the tea room at the estate, Jennifer sees this new chapter of her working life as another similar challenge to what she’s been used to, except for the fact it’s now among ‘beautiful surroundings”.

Jennifer told the News Letter: “I’ve been very fortunate throughout my career to be involved in great projects and work with wonderful people. I am very lucky in that my best-loved hobby, baking is now my work - how many people can say that?”

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