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'Frostbit boy' goes viral after his hilarious take on TV weather report

By Amanda Ferguson

A Sperrins teenager - now known as Frostbit boy - has become an internet sensation after sharing his succinct musings on Northern Ireland’s biting winter weather.

A UTV interview with Park resident Ruairi McSorley about the cold, snowy conditions in Co Londonderry has so far been viewed around 4m times since it was broadcast on Tuesday night.

In the clip the pupil of Lumen Christi College in Derry, who has a Youtube account for his impressions of singer Daniel O’Donnell and TV character Mrs Brown, shares his thoughts about his ‘mather’(mother) making him go to school despite the snow and on the chill in the air he adds in his strong accent, which some have accused him of exaggerating for comic purposes: “Oh God you wouldn’t be long getting frostbit.”

Viewers and social media users across the UK, Ireland and all over the world are now sharing the clip online.

The broadcaster’s North West reporter Gareth Wilkinson is stunned by the huge reaction to his latest vox pop.

On Twitter Gareth Wilkinson said: “The ‘Frostbit’ boy I interviewed in Sperrins is Ruairi McSorley. That’s how he talks you couldn’t make him up.”

The journalist told the Belfast Telegraph Ruiari was a great kid and character and he is pleased the interview has been so popular with viewers across Ireland and an international internet audience.

“I can’t get over it,” he said.

“Everywhere I went today everyone was asking me about him.”

Gareth explained the circumstances of his interview with the teen.

“We were going through the Sperrins to report on the winter conditions and stopped to chat to a group of school children waiting for their delayed school bus.

“I couldn’t believe it when he started talking the way he did.

“He genuinely speaks like that, it’s his real voice.

“Another reporter is interviewing him now, I am out and about getting ‘frostbit’.”


Ruairi McSorley aka ‘Frostbit boy’  is Northern Ireland’s latest viral star. An online clip of the Sperrins teenager talking about the weather has made him an internet sensation. Last year, a clip of toddler Skye Gracey from Belfast was popular which showed her throwing a diva style strop after her mother laughed at her version of a song from globally successful animated film Frozen and Belfast teenager Laurel May provided lots of laughs online after her family posted a video of her being stumped by a basic maths question.

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