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Frostbit Boy is a massive hit and he's starting his own chat show... but are his parents thrilled?

By Una Brankin

Frostbit Boy Ruairi McSorley is one step closer to his dream of hosting his own chat show - but having seen his naughty charity video, he isn't too sure if his mother will be tuning in.

The Co Londonderry lad - famous for his hilarious comments on UTV about last January's snow - is teaming up with TV presenter Ande Grey for a weekly entertainment podcast, beginning in February.

The free download follows the huge success of Ruairi's charity single, You're The Girl For Me, and its cheeky video, which features risque scenes of Frostbit Boy in bed with 40-year-old Bangor woman Elaine McCann and on the toilet.

"The mather and father made no oul comment about the video and what I get up te, but they're startin' to come round a bit, I think," said Ruairi, in his famous broad twang.

"Me mather could take an odd notion, now. That woman has such a claim te fame and she never used it. She's the one that sent me to school, like. She could be the next Julia O'Donnell."

A softly spoken accountant and business adviser, with no trace of her son's comical country brogue in her mild north-west accent, Carmel McSorley politely declined my request for a comment on Ruairi's success from herself or her husband, Kevin, an engineer who works in England.

But she remarked that he does "a significant amount of charity work".

An only child, Ruairi (18) attends mass with his mother in Banagher parish, Park, every weekend. Now, his fame is set to soar further through the upcoming podcast with Grey, founder of the NiStars stage and media company, which produced Ruairi's single and video.

Grey is also a correspondent for the Irish channel TV3 and has presented for the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

"We're making a free downloadable radio show with the two of us chatting away and bringing on guests," Grey said.

"It will give people a good insight into Ruairi. He's great fun and that accent is 100% genuine - he talks like that all the time. He told me he picked it up hanging around with older people when he was growing up,

"He's full of ideas - he has the attention span of a butterfly but he's a lot more intelligent than he gets credit for.

"And he'd talk to a hole in the hedge. When we were recording the single, he met a girl in the studio one minute and the next minute he was away to her family's house for dinner.

"Making the video was hilarious, too. I'd turn round and he'd be away down the road, talking to some granny."

All proceeds from the You're The Girl For Me single go to the Brainwaves cancer charity.

"Sure I haven't a note in me head but the fella at the mixing desk has it so you'd near think I could sing," Ruairi admits.

"It's just a bit of craic, about a fella lookin' for a woman. It's not about me - ah no. There's no Mrs Frostbit on the horizon yet, although I've gathered up a few fans.

"That one in the bed wi' me, that's Elaine McCann from Bangor. She does have teeth, by the way - you'd better mention that, aye. We just put the false teeth by the bed to show me gettin' a bit of a shock, like, wakin' up the mornin' after the night before."

A former pupil of Derry's Lumen Christi College, once voted by the Sunday Times as Northern Ireland's top secondary school due to the high examination grades achieved by it students, Ruairi scored an A in A-level Irish, B in English and Spanish, and C in IT.

Currently collaborating with Claudy singer Richie Remo, his single reached No 2 in the UK country music charts and No 1 in the Irish version.

He has almost 18,000 followers on Facebook but he denies that his popularity has gone to his head.

"Ach no, I've no interest in fame but I like goin' about the country doin' MC and the odd oul gig," he says.

"That Eileen Generous (Ellen de Generes) show got in contact after the oul weather report and said they'd keep in touch but naw, am not big headed at all, at all. Sure if I can raise a bit of money for the brain tumours crowd, that's the main thing, aye."

You're The Girl For Me was released as part of the NiStars Songs For Anna charity album, compiled for local girl Anna Guest, who was diagnosed with a brain tumour just after her 14th birthday.

The catchy song's video features risque scenes of Ruairi in bed with 40-year-old Bangor woman, Elaine McCann, and on the toilet.

The comedic lyrics include lines such as: "I like a classy lassie but she has to drive a Massey... Ferguson", and looking for a woman who can "iron those clothes with your eyes closed", all delivered in Frostbit Boy's trademark culchie brogue.

The video features Ande Grey and the stunning Kirstin Aston, a 16-year-old Belfast singer who has supported Peter Corry in concert and who performed at the Belfast City Christmas lights switching-on ceremony last November.

You're The Girl For Me can be downloaded for 79p from Google play and from IOS iTunes: The Girl for Me - Single by Ruairi McSorley

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