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'Frostbit Boy' releases single 'The Girl For Me'... and it's already beating Taylor Swift in the country music charts

'Frostbit Boys' charity single has landed - and after just a few hours it has climbed to No 6 in the UK iTunes country music chart.

Northern Ireland teenager Ruairi McSorley became an overnight star a year ago for his outlandish country accent. He was interviewed on UTV News about the snow in his home area in the Sperrins, famously remarking: "Oh God you wouldn't be long getting frostbit."

Today he released a song called The Girl For Me, along with a risqué video.

He excitedly announced on his Facebook page: "Here it is! The official video for the new charity single The Girl For Me.

"All proceeds in aid of Brainwaves NI as part of The NiStars Songs for Anna Charity Album."

Local girl Anna Guest was diagnosed with a brain tumour just days after her 14th birthday.

Within three hours the video was shared almost 3,000 times on Facebook - and the single was sitting at No 6 in the UK iTunes country music chart - between Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" at No 7 and Johnny Cash's "Hurt" at No 5.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph outside his home last month, Ruairi reflected on a whirlwind 2015.

"2015, God it all really just fell in," he said.

"I said it was coul' over there just at the bus stop and from January on my jaw's just sore smilin. Just flat-out selfie-ing, shakin' hands, goin' to this, that and thon. Doin everythin' on the television, wireless, everythin'."

With a new media profile in hand, he landed himself a gig as the face of a campaign for superfast broadband.

He appeared on billboards throughout Northern Ireland, smiling, his thumbs up and with the slogan: "Sure ye wuldn't be long waitin' with thon fibre broadband, sure she's superfast."

Ruairi said of his initial rush of media attention: "I sorta took a break from it all for a wee while at the same time ye know, just because there's definitely hay to be made there.

"I was sort of scundered at mysel' at the same time for a wee while. But you know there's definitely hay there to be made so there's a good lot comin' up there alright."

Looking forward to 2016 he says he has high hopes to showcase not only his musical talents, but to launch a touring play.

"We've this song comin' out now, and if this song goes alright there'll be talk of a while more of that alright.

"And there's talks as well now that there might be a kinda, you know that there might be a carry on play sort of thing as well."

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