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Fundraising push on to help little battler Eva walk once again

By Deborah McAleese

She is bubbly, charming and witty, and it is her dream to be able to walk again.

For little Eva Tomney - who has been confined to a wheelchair after a tough battle with cancer at the age of four - her greatest wish is to get up and play with her older brother, and you can help make that wish come true.

Eva's family are currently fundraising for specialist equipment that would help the determined seven-year-old learn to walk again.

"Eva has started talking about wanting to be able to walk again. She said she really wants to be able to play with her brother Paddy, who is a year older than her. And just a few weeks ago she asked me if she could go walking around the shops with me. It broke my heart," the little girl's aunt Tracy Hughes said.

Eva, from Keady, was looking forward to starting playschool when she began to complain of a sore neck and showed signs of losing her balance. Then, in October 2012, her family were given the devastating news that their little girl had a brain tumour, which had spread into her spine.

"It was awful to see her go through a 12-hour operation to remove the tumour. The scan had shown the cancer had spread into her spine. She had to undergo nine months of chemotherapy, two daily doses of radiotherapy over a five-week period, and two stem cell transplants," Tracy explained.

The family prayed by Eva's bedside every day and in June 2013 she walked out of hospital cancer-free.

Just two months later her little body started to slow down.

Doctors told her family that this was as a result of the high levels of toxicity from the chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Since then she has been confined to a wheelchair.

Following research, Eva's family believe that a Giger MD Locomotive, a specialist piece of equipment, would help progress Eva's physical development so that she can walk again. Another piece of equipment - a resonant light machine - would help to regulate her immune system and support her physical development.

The family is trying to raise £15,000 to purchase the equipment, which they say would change Eva's life.

A fundraising page called Eva's Journey Back To Walking has been set up by the family. Anyone wishing to donate can visit:

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