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Funeral delayed for mum who died 19 days after husband

By Angela Rainey

The funeral of a mum who died less than three weeks after her husband passed away has been postponed until next week, the Belfast Telegraph has learned.

Donna Brown (48) died suddenly on Tuesday, just a few weeks after 46-year-old husband Frankie passed away, leaving their three children - two of them in their teens - orphans.

Her funeral was to have taken place today, but it is now expected to be held next week.

While friends, neighbours and local businesses have clubbed together to raise funds to help the stricken family, organising and financing two funerals in such a short time has placed an enormous burden on the children and their remaining relatives.

Mr and Mrs Brown, from Monkstown in Newtownabbey, left behind one daughter, Lucinda (23), and two sons, Frankie Jr (15) and 14-year-old Kyle.

To help them, neighbours and friends have rallied around and set up a JustGiving page that has so far raised more than £3,000.

The children are said to be inconsolable following their parents' deaths but are thankful for the support.

Family friend and neighbour Joanne McIlwaine, who set up the JustGiving page to help the grieving family, said the community was pulling together to do everything it could.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has donated via a cash donation or to the JustGiving page," she added.

"After spending time with the family, we can express their thanks and their gratitude to everyone who has supported them these last few days and weeks.

"We would also like to thank Tesco Monkstown for their very kind donation and the various people and local shops who have helped in some way."

"The JustGiving page will stay open for 30 days. The amount is overwhelming already."

To help support the Brown family, visit the JustGiving page at

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