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Funeral ‘outpouring of love’ for 19-year-old who died months after mum

Mourners at the funeral of Shauneen Irvine
Mourners at the funeral of Shauneen Irvine
Shauneen Irvine, left with her mother Lyndsey
The funeral of Shauneen Irvine
Shauneen’s father Paul and brother Ryan carry her coffin into the church at New Barnsley yesterday
Allan Preston

By Allan Preston

A young west Belfast woman who died just months after her mother was a "beautiful child", mourners heard yesterday.

Shauneen Irvine (19) was found dead by her grandmother in a property in New Barnsley Park last Tuesday.

Police have said they are investigating the circumstances surrounding her death.

Mourners attending the funeral Mass at the Church of the Annunciation were told how she struggled to cope with the sudden death of her mother Lyndsey Irvine on March 15.

Fr Patrick McCafferty conducted the funeral services for both women.

He said Shauneen was dearly beloved by her wider family circle and many friends, including her father Paul and siblings Ryan, Daniel and Joedi.

"Her life has touched so many people. We especially remember Lyndsey, her mummy," he said.

"Everybody here is broken by this terrible loss of this beautiful girl, a beautiful child.

"The scriptures we heard today speak about being shut out of peace and having forgotten happiness."

He continued: "Dear friends, that describes for us the suffering that Shauneen was experiencing in her life, a sensation of being without peace and happiness.

"This beautiful child was surrounded by love but sadly, tragically, sometimes even the best of human love is still not perfect."

Before proceeding to Roselawn Cemetery, a horse-drawn carriage led the funeral cortege to the church with the family and young friends taking turns to carry Shauneen's pink coffin.

Fr McCafferty told mourners: "Look around us here, look at all her friends and the great outpouring of love and affection for her.

"Her life, short though it was, had its influence for good. She was a very loving and kind girl.

"She stood up for the downtrodden, we know stories of how she fearlessly would stand up for those getting a hard time.

"That is a sign of who she is, the real Shauneen."

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