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Fury as petrol prices surge

A motoring body has blasted fuel companies after prices at the pumps rose to their highest levels in two and a half years.

The rises have led to suspicions of profiteering in a time of crisis.

As the freezing conditions set in over the weekend, average petrol prices in the UK went up 0.76p a litre from Friday to Sunday, rising from 120.07p to 120.83p.

According to the AA, the last time there was such a big weekend rise was in May 2008, when petrol increased 0.77p a litre to 114.95p.

The body has warned, if the adverse weather continues, the situation could get worse for Northern Ireland's motorists.

“Price rises are happening across the board,” an AA spokesman told the Belfast Telegraph.

“The first significant thing is that there has been a leap in the price of a barrel of oil. There has also been the weakening of the pound. These two factors have come together like the snow.

“I have a feeling things are going to get worse.

“And in Northern Ireland it is one or two pence higher than the UK average, which will make it even more unbearable for motorists.”

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