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Fury over charity logo on IRA flyer

By Adrian Rutherford

A cancer charity has confirmed it did not give permission for its logo to be used on posters advertising an event in honour of a dead IRA bomber.

The Marie Curie emblem appears on signs promoting a republican tug-of-war match this weekend which commemorates the life of Seamus Woods.

The 22-year-old IRA man died when the mortar bomb he was attempting to launch at Pomeroy RUC Station exploded prematurely in July 1988.

When contacted by the Belfast Telegraph yesterday, a spokesperson for Marie Curie said the charity had not been told its logo would be used on the adverts.

"We were not aware of this event and were unaware that our logo was being used to promote the event," she said.

The poster includes a comment alongside Woods' photograph which states: "Greater love than this no-one has that he lay down his life for his friends."

TUV leader Jim Allister said he was "deeply disturbed" by the posters.

"What makes the event all the more shocking is that the logo of Marie Curie appears on the poster along with the claim that all proceeds from the event will be going to the cancer charity," he said.

"Marie Curie should not be abused in an attempt to bring a veneer of respectability to a celebration of terror.

"Marie Curie seeks to ease the suffering of those who are in their final days on Earth. Woods sought to bring death and suffering." However Sinn Fein MLA Francie Molloy defended the posters.

"This is a charity event aimed at securing funds and recognition for Marie Curie," he said.

"The event itself is a tug-of-war, quite a harmless sporting activity. There is nothing wrong with the fact that it also commemorates Seamus Woods.

"I don't think there should be any problem with the republican community contributing to Marie Curie funds."


Seamus Woods was a member of the IRA's East Tyrone brigade. He died while attempting to launch a mortar bomb attack on Pomeroy RUC Station (right) . His body was found 15 yards from the remains of a tractor trailer from where he launched the mortar bomb which hit a local primary school. A house more than 300 yards from the station was hit in the sustained attack.

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