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Fury over dogs fouling cemetery ground

Families with relatives who are buried at Milltown and City cemeteries on the Falls Road, Belfast have hit out at local dog walkers who continue to allow their pets to soil ‘sacred ground’ despite having access to an expansive park a few metres away.

One west Belfast resident told the Andersonstown News that while visiting a grave, there were two greyhounds running wild:“The graveyard is a place of respect and I can’t understand why people do this when there is a perfectly good park across the road,” she said.

Although Milltown Cemetery has a clear sign that indicates dogs are not allowed, pet owners continue to take no notice.

The City Cemetery warns that dog fouling is prohibited but it would seem dog owners couldn’t care less as one dog walker told the paper that he ‘can’t help it if the dog needs to go’.

Sinn Fein Councillor and City Cemetery historian Tom Harltey said the careless behaviour of pet owners is quite distressing for families and sends out the wrong message about the cemeteries.

Belfast Telegraph