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GAA club to stage suicide drama

By Luke Sproule

When Stephen McVicker went to see an emotional play about the impact of suicide, it inspired him to help his own community battling the problem.

As chairman of Ardoyne Gaelic Athletic Club, he has opened the clubhouse for a performance of the play next Saturday to raise money for suicide charity Pips and deliver a powerful message.

"Man In The Moon is so powerful, the first time I saw it I had to take half-an-hour afterwards to sit and think and get my head together," he said. "After that I started talking to people about it, and I hope people will do the same on Saturday. Suicide is a big issue and we need to get people talking about it and remove the stigma that's around it.

"Since Christmas I've been to three or four funerals of young men who took their own lives so I wanted to bring a positive message about dealing with suicide to north Belfast."

Man In The Moon was written by Pearse Elliott and stars Ciaran Nolan as a young man who spends an evening at Half Moon Lake in Lenadoon dealing with the troubles in his life, including the suicides of his friends and brothers.

Mr McVicker said it deals with important issues facing many people, especially young men in Belfast. He hopes to raise around £1,000 for Pips.

Man In The Moon will be performed at Ardoyne GAC at 8pm next Saturday. Tickets cost £10 and can be purchased by phoning Mr McVicker on 07742 985 462.

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