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GAA condemns anti-Semitic tweet

By Joanna Kiernan

The GAA has publicly distanced itself from an anti-Semitic tweet by a former inter-county football star after calls to do so from the leader of the Jewish community in Ireland.

Former Tyrone GAA player Tommy McGuigan is potentially facing criminal charges after a post urging people to "punch a Jew" appeared on his Twitter page.

McGuigan subsequently apologised for the tweet, but the PSNI has confirmed it is investigating the comment as a potential hate crime.

The All-Ireland winner had written: "If you are lucky enough to know or work with a Jew, punch him right on the nose tomorrow."

He has since deleted the tweet, claiming it was written as a joke.

The chairman of the Jewish Representative Council of Ireland, Maurice Cohen, urged the GAA to officially distance itself from McGuigan's remarks. After a meeting of the GAA's Coiste Bainistí (management committee), the Association issued a statement saying it "totally disassociates itself from recent offensive and anti-Semitic comments made in a personal capacity by a former county player through social media".

The statement added: "The Association is anti-racist and anti-sectarian and abhors and condemns these comments."

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